MYE Faith is presented by the Catholic Diocese of Saginaw

The Cross and the Light

SAGINAW –The Cross and the Light Concert Experience” will be performed at MYE Faith. “The Cross and the Light Concert Experience” is a musical performance about Jesus produced by former Miss Michigan and Miss America Runner-up, Kelly Nieto.

“The Cross and the Light” has been performed for over 70,000 people around the world. Seven performers will travel from as far away as New York City for the youth event, including rising stars such as Tim Bowman, Jr., son of jazz legend Tim Bowman and nephew of gospel icons Vickie and CeCe Winans.

“As a musician, I’ve opened for Garth Brooks, Willie Nelson, and many others and the singers who will travel to Saginaw are just as talented,” said Nieto. She not only praises the talent of the cast, but also their generosity as well. For example, Nieto initially knew that she could not afford to hire Tim Bowman, Jr. after he secured a record contract with Capitol Records which released albums by artists such as Frank Sinatra, The Beatles and many others. Yet, Bowman enjoyed performing in the “Cross and the Light” so much that he agreed to continue doing so.

Meet the Cast