MYE Faith is presented by the Catholic Diocese of Saginaw

JJ Weeks Band

 JJ Weeks Band will take center stage as the musical talent during MYE Faith. The group is best known for the song “Let Them See You,” which has been at the top of Billboard’s Christian charts for over 30 weeks. JJ Weeks Band is also known for songs such as “Save Us” and “Screaming Outloud,” which are featured on the soundtrack for the movie “God’s Not Dead.”
“After meeting the band this summer, I was very much impressed with their passion to share the Gospel message through their music,” said Mark Graveline, director of youth ministry for the Diocese of Saginaw. “They use music to reach out to people in their dark moments and invite the light of Christ to come into their lives. JJ Weeks Band doesn't just play music, they share a message.”